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1.General guarantee

The delivery of reliable technological line, ready for operation and built to good workmanship standard in accordance with the Contract and established techniques available and in compliance with applicable local laws in force at the time of signing the Contract.

2.Completeness guarantee

We warrants the appropriate design, function, good quality of the materials and work and completeness connected with the supplied technological system. We warrants that the design and construction are complete and sufficient for the proper, regular and safe operation of customer under the requirements and within the agreed limits.

2.1.For Solar products,we provide 5 years guarantee,any demage if under correct operated,we grants free replacement at discharge sea port which last order arrived.

2.2.For Patio Heater and Accessoires we provide 1 year guarantee,during the period any demage we grants free replacement,delivery at discharge sea port which last order arrived.

3.Material guarantee

We grants a guarantee for a period of two (2) years for additional 3% of the contract value to be added into total purchase price. These guaranties do not comprise wear parts and consumables.