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1.Active solar water heating system with electric or gas heater backup

With Electric Heater backup

With Gas Heater backup

2.Solar pool heating system

During normal pool operation, pool water is continuously being circulated from the pool through the filter, then a heater ,and then returned to the pool. Using zone valves,the solar controller will divert the pool water to the solar collectors on demand when there is sufficient energy availble. The water exits the solar collectors and goes through the existing auxiliary heater where any additional required ewnergy is supplied. If the system is sited and operated properly, the auxiliary heater need not be activated 
Since this is a seasonal (May-Sept.) operating system, 100% of the required energy will be supplied by the solar collectors due to the high solar gain during those months

Certified for high performance

Need fewer Gobi for less roof area 

Freeze protected anywhere during winter

Protected from harmful chemicals

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3.Solar space heating 

High efficiency Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Double Coil Heat-Exchanger

Controller SPIII

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