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Flat Panel Solar Water Heating System

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  • Type   FPCLS
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Sunpark split pressurized solar water heater is speciall designed for the villa.The split means that the solar panel separates from water storage tank.Panel maybe installed either on the roof or wall while water tank may be installed at any place in a villa flexible. Panel harmonizes with villa’s outlook and maintains villa’s outlook beauty.

1).Module design, arbitrary combination, harmony with the building perfectly

2).Intelligent control and automatic operation

3).Anti-freeze: Using the anti-freezing liquid as the medium and the controller has the anti-freezing function

4).Multifunction: bathing, washing, domestic heating etc 

5).Work at anytime and enjoyable

Complete system including THREE parts:

Part1: High Pressure flat plate collector,Model:CUCMT

Part2,High pressure storage tank with cooper coil heat exchanger

Part3.Circulate Systems(Working Station)

Products list:

Model Flat Panel Collector Tank Capacity (ltds) Measts Weight 20/40G/40H 
DiameterXLengthXNumbers (m³) (kgs) container load
FPCLS150S 2000X1000X1 150 0.95 95 32/66/66
FPCLS300S 2000X1000X2 300 1.45 145 22/46/46
FPCLS300D 2000X1000X2 300 1.45 155 22/46/46

System running principle video please click here

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