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3KW-5kw Off-Grid Home Solar Power Station

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  • Brand   Sunpark
  • Type   Off Grid
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1 OFF-Grid Solar Power System Model OFF-3KW OFF-4KW OFF-5KW
2 Power 3180W 4240W 5300W
Item Description Quantity
Solar Panel CS6K-265P,265w poly solar panel 12 16 20
Inverter & Controller all in one 48VDC-2KW MPPT controller,pure sine wave 3KW 1
Battery Deep ycle AGM battery,free maintain,24V,4000AH 24 (optional)
Solar panel bracket Aluminum alloy,Flat and Slope Roof installation 1
Battery bracket Pot Galvanized Steel,including all metal connection between battery 1
Cables and accessoires 4.0sqm PV cable ,6.0sqm cable,including all spare parts 1

Solar Panel Specifications
Size:992 x 1650 x 40 mm
Excellent module efficiency of up to:16.8%
High PTC rating of up to 91.89%
Outstanding low irradiance performance of up to 96.5%
IP67 junction box for long-term weather endurance
Heavy snow load up to 6000 Pa,wind load up to 4000 Pa
25 years of liner power output warranty
10 years of product on material and workmanshop warranty
Mechanical Data
Cell Type:Poly crystalline,6 inch
Cell Arrangement:60(6x10)
Front Cover:3.2mm tempered glass
Frame material:Anodized aluminum alloy
Connector:MC KST4/X and KBT4/X
Per Pallet:26 pieces,520kg
Max. System Voltage:1000V(IEC) or 1000V(UL)
Max.Series Fuse Rating:15A
Application Classfication:Class A
Power Tolerance:0~+5V
Solar Controller and Inverter all in one specifications
4 inch LCD display
MPPT controller
Pure sine wave inverter
Low frequency single phase
Generator/Grid Hybird system
Remote monitoring(RS485)
Remote monitoring GPRS/GSM
Optioanl:7 inch touch screen
Optional:output 3P4W three phases
PV Combiner Box Specifications
Lightning protection
Reverse protection
Waterproof protection IP65
Over current protection
Over voltage protection
PV Mounting Bracket Specifications
Aluminum alloy
Wind resistance 24.5m/s-28.4m/s
Optional:Pot Galvanized Steel
Roof installation(tin/tile/cement)
Optional: Ground installation
Battery Specifications
Deep cycle battery
Free maintenance
With 70% capacity D.O.D 600 cycles
18 years design life
Warranty:2 years
Optional:GEL/OPzV/OPzs battery
Battery Bracket Specifications
Pot galvanized steel
The meta connection between batteries are included
Cables Screws and Connectors
4.0sqm. PV cable,6.0sqm. PV Cable
MC-4 connextors IP65
System Drawing

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