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Storage Boiler with Heating Element backup

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  • Brand   Sunpark
  • Type   CUT
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(1).Construction: Welded steel structure.

(2).Containment: High temperature membrane liner. Rating 212 F continuous. All penetrations in and out of the tank from the top, except for the overflow.

(3).Insulation: 50mm polyurethane foaming, superior heat preservation

(4). SUS3042B Food Grade Stainless Steel inner tank, superior water quality

(5).Corrosion inhibitor is added to the inside of the tank to protect the exterior of copper heat exchangers.

(6).Designs for Open or closed loop systems.

High pressure water tank without coil heat exchanger:

High pressure water tank with single coil heat exchanger

High pressure water tank with double coil heat exchanger

Products list 

Capacity Tank diameter Foam Thickness Coil In/           Out Inlet/            Outlet Dimension Packing size
Inner Outshell
100L 385 480 45MM G3/4 G3/4 Ø480*1040 520*520*1100
150L Ø480*1470 520*520*1530
200L 440 540 50MM G3/4 G3/4 Ø540*1500 580*580*1550
250L 480 570 45MM Ø570*1560 610*610*1620
300L G1 Ø570*1840 610*610*1900
400L 600 700 50MM Ø700*1580 740*740*1640
500L Ø700*1930 740*740*1990
1. The magnesium protection,P/T Relieve Ealve,Heating Element,Draindown Valve are all inside
2.Material:Inner Tank made by Stainless Steel,Out tank are Galvanized Steel

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