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Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube

2014-12-31      View:
  • Brand   Sunpark
  • Type   47x1500,58x1800
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Futures:A perfect combination of the vacuum tube and the heat pipe.

1).higher heat efficiency: advanced heat transferring style of the heat pipe, excellent selective absorb coating and perfect combination with high vacuum heat preservation.

2).Wide applicable range: as the shentai heat pipe has less heat capacity, it can be started quickly even under cloudy fine day and collect heat effectively. It can work normally even -30 below degree. As no water in the vacuum tube, it can effectively prevent lowing of heat efficiency due to frost cracking or scaling.

3). Each individual tube can work independently, and the whole machine can still work if individual tube is damaged. The service life of the heat pipe can be longer than 15 years.

4). The unique connection between the heat pipe and the vacuum tube can ensure both sealing and replace of damaged glass vacuum tube.



Technical Informations:

1).Heat conduction coefficien: >99%

2).Axial heat transition auantity:0.93-2.49kw/cm²

3).Heat conduction speed: >200mm/s

4).Axial temperature difference: 1-2℃/m

5).Starting temperature: 20℃

6).Starting speed: 2min

7).Working temperature range: 30℃~300℃

8).Life: >10years

9).Materiall:TU copper

Details:Condenser diameter can be option for Ø14mm,Ø22mm


Outer/Inner diameter 

 Tube Th,ickness

Absorb Coating 

 Heat Pipe

20/40G/40H loading


47/37 mm 

 1.6 mm



Pipe: Ø7X1400mm



58/47 mm 

1.8 mm 



Pipe: Ø7X1700mm 


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