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Vacuum Tubes Solar water Heating System

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1).Non pressure solar collector bring lower price investment

2).High efficiency Vacuum Tubes System,no Heat-Exchanger so no heat lose

3).Capacity can be option from 450lts to 2000lts

4).∆T to drive pump working

4).Warm climate is necessary

Three parts including:

Vacuum Tube Collector CUCGT series ∆T circulate pump and sensors
Non-pressure hot water storage tank

∆T circulate pump details:

1).Input voltage: 220V~240V AC

2).Power: ≤0.5W

3).Accuracy of temp. measuring: ±1℃

4).Range of temp. measuring: 0~99℃

5).Input signals: T1--Silicon cable ≤280℃;   T2--PVC cable ≤105℃

6. Range of environment temp.: -10~50℃

7. Water protection grade: IP40

8. Suitable model: WILO RS15/6, RS25/6, RS25/8, ST20/11

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