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Closed Loop Solar Water Heating System

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  • Type   CUCLS
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A 50/50 propylene glycol and water mixture from the collectors through a coil of pipe in the solar tank, and then is pumped back through the collectors. The potable water is warmed by heat transfer through contact with the pipe. These systems are pretty much the only choice in very cold climates. When there is not enough energy for sun, an electrical or gas back up element will be automatically switched on by controller. 
1).Simple Installation, no maintenance, effective operation 
2).Easy retrofitting to existing systems 
3).Suitable for single and multiple solar heating application systems 
4).Preferred option for extremely cold areas and questionable water quality 
5).Incoming potable water is routed to the solar storage tank 
6).Porcelain enamel or SUS316 stainless steel storage tank with electrical or gas back up 
7).Double-walled copper coil heat exchangers in storage tank prevent contamination of household water

System drawing please click here

1. Collector Manifold 
2. Temperature Sensor T1
3. Pump Station
4. Solar Boiler Storage Tank
5.Magnesium Rod
6.Relief Valve(T/P Valve)
7.Copper Coil HE
8.Temperature Sensor T2
9.Electric Heater and Thermostat      10.Expansion Vessel      11.Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Complete tem including Three Parts components: 
pump station+solar collector+storage boiler 

Single coil and Double coil Heat-Exchanger:

for CUCLS-S 


Products list:

Mode Heat pipe solar collector Tank Capacity 20/40G/40H Container G.W.(kg)
Diameter Length Quntities
CUCLS100 58mm 1800mm 10 100 55/112/130 75
CUCLS150 15 150 40/82/96 155
CUCLS200 20 200 28/57/68 230
CUCLS250 25 250 24/50/58 75
CUCLS300 30 300 20/41/48 155
CUCLS400 40 400 16/32/41 230
CUCLS500 50 500 14/28/35 75

System running principle please visit here

Installation video please visit here

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