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Since foundation in 2003, in 12 years The technical Center of China Sunpark New Energy Co., Ltd. have been devoting in supplying solutions and products of Renewable,Eco-Energy and Solar energy.

In 2003,produced the first active Solar Water Heater

In 2004, drafted the Chinese national standard for Solar Heating Collector

In 2005, set up the state-level enterprise technology center in Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China

In 2006, the frist one Postdoctoral Scientific Research Work Station in Changzhou city was set up,for solar thermal technology.

In 2007, produced and developed pre-heated solar water heater with high efficiency copper coil heat-exchanger

In 2008, Found anti-frozen -35 Deg.C heat pipe vacuum tube for Russia market.

In 2009, Cooperated with Chinese partner has got a tender of solar energy power 10MW,located Ningxia province,west of China 

In 2010 Installed Solar Swimming Pool Heating project 100mx40mx1.5m in Beijing city

In 2011 Registered Sunpark New Energy Group Co.Limited also set office in Hongkong,meanwhile a father company of China Sunpark.

In 2012, Set up Solar Vacuum Tubes Workshop in Changzhou city

In 2013,Import a new complete production equipments for Solar System.

In 2015,Developed Balcony Solar Water Heater

In 2016,Going Solar Energy Panel manufacture,provide first 5kw Off-Grid Solar Power Station sold to Indonesia